Private Day Trip Mostar-Pocitelj-Blagaj


A 30 min drive from away is Mostar, Herzegovina’s main town, and it has wowed visitors for centuries. You’ll explore it’s medieval core – the Old Town. You will have a chance to learn of Mostar’s troubled and turbulent past and it’s ever-so-intriguing present while strolling the cobbles of the Old Town and seeing the marvelous Ottoman architecture. The highlight is the 16th century Old Bridge of Mostar where you will have a chance to marvel at it from up close and hear the story behind it and it’s famous divers.

As an added option while in Mostar you can visit the following:


A typical 16th century medieval walled village on the banks of the Neretva River. It is dominated with it’s defense fortresses and gives you a great bearing of the whole Ottoman era.


Is at the base of the Buna water source and the setting of the 16th century Dervis house and cliff back drop is another marvel of this karst wonder. Another must see while in the area.

We Offer small group trips (up to 8 people) so we can devote more time and give you the opportunity to CREATE YOUR TIME AND YOUR EXSCURSION.