Private Day Trip Sarajevo

A 2 hour scenic drive away is Bosnia’s capital city Sarajevo. In the town center you’ll feel as though you have stepped back in time and it’s one of the most historically curious and diverse cities in Europe. It is an illustration of historical turbulences and the clash of civilizations, as well as a beacon of hope for peace and tolerance through multi-cultural integration. You’ll see the City Hall, one of the most beautiful buildings from the Austro-Hungarian period, the National Library, Miljacka River and the Emperor’s Mosque, the oldest mosque in the town.

You’ll walk to the Latin Bridge, also known as the Princip’s Bridge, where Franz Ferdinad was assassinated & sparked WW I. The highlight is Bascarsija, the old part of the town built in the Ottoman period where you’ll feel the soul of the city, learn about the local food, crafts, traditions and many local stories.

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