Private Tour Hercegovina

Day 1. Split -Klis – Hardomilje

We will pick up you in your accommodation and have city tour.
Split dating back to the 4th century BC, it offers awesome views of greater Split and the nearby islands. From Klis it’s a short drive down to Split to see the UNESCO site of Diocletian’s Palace which is over 1,700 years old. The town’s history is truly fascinating along with it’s architecture from the 12th- and 13th-century Romanesque churches, medieval fortifications, 15th-century Gothic palaces and other palaces in Renaissance and Baroque style.

Day 2. Old Hardomilje village, Ljubuški Fort, Herceg Stjepana Fort, St. Anthony’s monastery

Old Hardomilje is situated on the ancient Roman trading route from Narona to Salona and is an authentic village with it’s characteristic limestone houses and has been home to generations of families. The views from this hillside village are majestic and the whole setting truly unique.From here you’ll drive to the medieval Ljubuski Fort hearing about it’s history and seeing this impressive structure close up. The day continues to the nearby St. Anthony’s monastery monastery seeing artefacts which date back from the Roman era. A fantastic local experience.

Day 3. River Boat wth lunch, Trebižet Falls (Kravice, Koćuša…)

The Trebižet river flows through the Ljubuski field where you’ll enjoy an easy 45 min boat ride with homemade food and beverages. The nearby Trebižet Falls are the first in a series of local waterfalls, followed by the Kravice & Koćuša Falls which have only recently been discovered by non locals and are another karst wonder

Day 4. Hands on Culinary Tour

Dating from the Roman times, the Ljubuski field has been a rich bread basket for the region. As a special treat, my family & I would love to host you on a hands on culinary tour which starts at the fields where you pick the organically grown crops and be part of the cooking experience. Menus vary from traditional pies where you roll your own dough to the acclaimed iron dome Peka roast. All this food is complimented with rich side dishes, salads & homemade brandies & wines.

Day 5. Dubrovnik

Less than 2 hours away is Dubrovnik, one of the best-preserved medieval walled cities in the world and an acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s home to beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains. You’ll learn it’s interesting history and have the opportunity to wander around the City Walls, Fort Revelin, Minceta Tower and other local landmarks. As an option on your way back you can make a short detour on the Peljesac peninsula at the walled town of Ston. After city Tour transfer to you accommodation in Dubrovnik or Split.

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